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This was a fantastic interview that covered a lot of topics I hadn’t really considered before. For example, how to write software that best meets not only the functional requirements of the project, but also the long-term operational requirements. Michael’s book has gone into my Amazon wishlist!

This episode is a discussion with Michael Nygard about his book “Release It” which covers aspects of software architecture you often don’t think of initially when starting to build a system. Some of the points we discussed were capacity planning, recovery as well as making the system suitable for operation in a data center.


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Spring.NET looks to be a great way to implement some best practices such as DI and AOP while letting someone else (Spring.NET) take care of the grunt work. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find very good sample code, and I’ve read comments about it being “overly complicated”. Then again, that makes it sound just like my sort of thing!

Led and sustained by SpringSource, Spring.NET is an open source application framework that makes building enterprise .NET applications easier. Providing components based on proven design patterns that can be integrated into all tiers of your application architecture, Spring helps increase development productivity and improve application quality and performance.

Please read the overview for additional information.

via Spring.NET – Application Framework.

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