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Visual Studio is a fantastic tool that can be made even better with judicious selection of Add-Ins. Here are the ones you’ll find currently installed in all my dev environments…


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Just got an email from VisualSVN regarding Visual Studio 2010…


We have released VisualSVN 1.7.4 that provides an experimental support for the current beta of Visual Studio 2010.

The only known issue is that QuickDiff feature is currently unavailable for Visual Studio 2010. We will fix that in the upcoming releases.

Could you please download the latest version of VisualSVN and check that Visual Studio 2010 integration works well for you? Any bug reports and suggestions are welcome!

As usual, you can download VisualSVN here:


Thanks in advance!


Olga Dolidze
VisualSVN Support

And then just out of curiosity I decided to check if my favorite Visual Studio add-on was available for 2010…

ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010 (preview) – is an early build for those who are trying out Visual Studio 2010 and cannot live without ReSharper. It is neither 4.5.1 for VS10, nor 5.0 for VS10. It is intermediate result of our attempts to integrate with Visual Studio 2010 extensibility model, plus preliminary state of some of ReSharper v5 features (you will find some of them enabled). Complete roadmap for ReSharper v5 will be published soon.

Download ReSharper for VS2010 Here…

Oh happy days! This means most of my additions to VS are now available for 2010, which I’m already using! Wait, what’s this…? GhostDoc is now supported in VS2010 too?! *sniff* I just don’t know what more a developer could ask for, it’s like Thanksgiving and the clearance rack all in one…

Happy coding!

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Instructions including screenshots for setting the svn:externals property using TortoiseSVN. This allows multiple repositories to be open and used in a single Visual Studio instance using VisualSVN. Slick stuff, so far this is working really well for us.

Just a tip I spent some time on figuring out: Found information today on how to use TortoiseSVN to manage svn:externals. I’m working on a big project where we need many different branches and parts to use the same css and images libraries throughout all subprojects.

via justaddwater.dk | Setting Up Subversion Externals With TortoiseSVN.

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