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Quick pointer to a particular TortoiseSVN feature I wasn’t familiar with for some reason. This enables reverting to a previous revision easily.

The easiest way to revert the changes from a single revision, or from a range of revisions, is to use the revision log dialog. This is also the method to use of you want to discard recent changes and make an earlier revision the new HEAD.

via Roll back (Undo) revisions in the repository.


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Instructions including screenshots for setting the svn:externals property using TortoiseSVN. This allows multiple repositories to be open and used in a single Visual Studio instance using VisualSVN. Slick stuff, so far this is working really well for us.

Just a tip I spent some time on figuring out: Found information today on how to use TortoiseSVN to manage svn:externals. I’m working on a big project where we need many different branches and parts to use the same css and images libraries throughout all subprojects.

via justaddwater.dk | Setting Up Subversion Externals With TortoiseSVN.

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