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As anyone who’s looked into the performance impact of anti-virus software knows, protection from internet STD’s requires the use of parasitic utilities that significantly hinder performance and productivity, yet going without isn’t an option under most IT policies. Thus a question is born, what is the best anti-virus software for developers?

Due to the difficulty in benchmarking the real-world performance impact of AV little empirical data is available beyond “that one felt slow but this one felt faster.” Following is the best resources I’ve found on the topic, to be updated as I uncover more.


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Sweet! Looks like TFS is becoming the multi-platform tool that shops such as where I work need. Now to convince the PHP guys that they need to add a big chunk of Microsoft tech to their development process…

The Teamprise products have been very popular with TFS customers who were developing applications across Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms. Often customers want to standardize on a single enterprise-wide solution for Application Lifecycle Management because of the cost savings and increased transparency this provides. The Teamprise technology is key in enabling cross platform TFS access.

via Somasegar’s WebLog : Beta of VS Team Explorer with Cross Platform Support.

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