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This looks very useful for anyone (poor wretch) wrestling with the Entity Framework.

EdmGen2 is a command-line tool for the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework. The tool can be used as a replacement for the EdmGen.exe tool that ships with the .Net framework 3.5 SP1. EdmGen.exe can only read and write the CSDL, SSDL & MSL file formats. However, EdmGen2.exe can read and write the EDMX file format used by the Visual Studio design tools. Additionally, EdmGen2.exe can translate between EDMX and CSDL, SSDL & MSL formats, and the source code can act as examples on using the tooling APIs defined in the System.Data.Entity.Design assembly.

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After inquiring on the official forums about new features in Entity Framework 4.0 around join tables this is what I heard back. In short, no new news. 😦 Which is too bad. Our model doesn’t really model entities until we have some way of hiding the join tables or otherwise demoting them to second-class status.

Your understanding is correct, and, no, there aren’t any substantial additional workarounds in EF4. One of the fundamental problems when you have additional properties on your join tables is that you still need some mechanism to access those properties. So if they were truly hidden, that would cause other difficulties. Our current thinking is that in some future release we’ll not hide them per se, but we will provide mechanisms to make it easier to have a collection or reference that represents a “double-hop” from one entity to the join-table-entity and then on to the entity or entities on the other side. You can simulate some of this yourself now by creating a property on your entity which is of type IEnumerable or something like that where the getter does the double hop, but of course that doesn’t help you when it comes time to do a linq query across both hops or that kind of thing.

– Danny

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