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Yet Another Podcast, (YAP) talking not just about Team System but about effective, predictable software process and the tools that can be used to enact one. (Primarily TFS, but a few others were mentioned.) This discussion, with the issues that were highlight, only further emphasizes to me the definite advantage of using the right process and methodology in software design, and the importance of those “icky” things like unit tests that cost a little up front but save a lot on the back end. It is a big goal of mine to not just be casually familiar with (I think I’m there already) but really able to make the most of what I consider the current “state of the art” in software development architecture, methods, process, etc.

Joel Semeniuk on the State of Team System

Joel Semeniuk is back to catch us up on Visual Studio Team System. Problems solved and features yet to come.

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Yet Another Podcast, (YAP) this time about the complexity of software development, the different types of complexity of consider, and an all-around interesting conversation.

Panel: Is Software Development Too Complex?

Recorded live at devLink in Nashville, Tennessee. Billy Hollis, Kathleen Dollard, Jim Holmes, and Josh Holmes (no relation) discuss the issue of the complexity of software development. Several .NET celebrities in the audience also chimed in.

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This was a fantastic interview that covered a lot of topics I hadn’t really considered before. For example, how to write software that best meets not only the functional requirements of the project, but also the long-term operational requirements. Michael’s book has gone into my Amazon wishlist!

This episode is a discussion with Michael Nygard about his book “Release It” which covers aspects of software architecture you often don’t think of initially when starting to build a system. Some of the points we discussed were capacity planning, recovery as well as making the system suitable for operation in a data center.

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This is a fantastic text editor than can handle anything you throw at it, from XML to SQL to C#. And if you somehow find something it doesn’t there’s more than likely a free plugin that closes the gap. After trying MANY of the various text editors available this is hands down my favorite. So give the free as in freedom download a try and use it instead of that heavy IDE to quickly review some code or paste a snippet.


Notepad++ is a free (as in “free speech” and also as in “free beer”) source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL Licence.

Based on a powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. By optimizing as many routines as possible without losing user friendlyness, Notepad++ is trying to reduce the world carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce power consumption, resulting in a greener environment.

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