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This is the second project I’ve used this for, I think he’s on to something. Thanks Tim!

If you are databinding your custom objects in a Bindinglist of to a DataGridView you will notice that the users can’t sort the rows by clicking on the columnheaders… Unlike an unbound DataGridView, the SortCompare event is not raised. Here is a class that uses IComparer to implement a BindingList that supports Sorting…



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Just finished another excellent podcast from .NET Rocks which this time discussed the new features of the Entity Framework which is currently out in beta. While I haven’t had a chance to give it a try myself I’m very interested in what Daniel Simmons described. Having written off the EF as “not ready yet” and expecting the new release to still not meet my needs, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear that new features will make it into the final release that weren’t “supposed” to as of a few months back. I definitely need to reevaluate because based on what I heard in the interview the EF may be just a good a fit for me as nHibernate. I definitely recommend anyone interest in ORM check out the interview. (And go write some code)

Daniel Simmons is back this time to talk about the new features of ADO.NET Entity Framework version 4.

Daniel SimmonsDaniel Simmons is dev manager for the Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL team where his mission is to build a team and a product that will fundamentally change the way we build data-centric software. He has been at Microsoft for 10 years working on a variety of products. Before coming to Microsoft he worked as a consultant, founded an ISP and engaged in various other software pursuits.

.NET Rocks!.

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Apparently this is old hat to everyone else in the department but I hadn’t heard of it before and it looks quite impressive. If I wasn’t so swamped I’d give the trial a try. Hopefully I’ll have the chance sometime soon!

Tableau’s data visualization software makes it easy to show your brilliance.

Tableau Desktop is a software application that lets anyone graphically analyze virtually any type of structured data and produce beautiful charts, graphs and reports in just minutes.

Connect to virtually any data source and display information in multiple graphic perspectives. Based on a software breakthrough from Stanford University, you’ll work faster than ever before. Your colleagues will wonder how you figured out so much so fast. Management will think you’re a genius for your clever insights. And you will love your new-found freedom.

And now Tableau 5.0 offers over 60 new features that bring dashboards to life, let you create guided analytic workflows, and more. Check it out.

Why you’ll love Tableau Desktop

Makes data analysis a breeze. An effortless drag and drop interface.

Fits into your world. Works with a variety of data files and databases.

Scales to large data sets. Work with an enormous amount of data.

Offers free training. Get Live or On-Demand training.

Downloads in minutes. Get started right away.

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