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Still haven’t decided if I prefer the Amazon or Google/Microsoft cloud paradigm, but it’s hard to argue with the ease of transition to Amazon’s solution!

Amazon EC2 Now Offers Windows Server 2008
Starting today, Amazon EC2 now offers Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® Standard 2008 instances in all Amazon EC2 Regions. This new announcement extends Amazon EC2’s existing Microsoft-based offerings that include Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 instances. Like all services offered by AWS, Amazon EC2 running Windows Server or SQL Server offers a low-cost, pay-as-you-go model with no long-term commitments and no minimum fees. Please visit the Amazon EC2 service page for more information on using Amazon EC2 running Windows.


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I figured as much, but it’s still disappointing to see my suspicions confirmed. On the plus side I only see the cloud getting better with time.

Stress tests conducted by Sydney-based researchers have revealed that the infrastructure-on-demand services offered by Amazon, Google and Microsoft suffer from regular performance and availability issues.The team of researchers, led by the University of New South Wales UNSW and in collaboration with researchers at NICTA National ICT Australia and the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre CRC, have spent seven months stress testing Amazon’s EC2, Google’s AppLogic and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services.


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