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ADO.NET Data Services provides filtering options for free.

What can go in a $filter? The most basic thing to do is to test properties of the resources we’re returning, which you can access simply by name, like we have done above. Literals for things like strings and numbers use the same syntax as in the key portion (see my last post and the original URL post for more details).

via Marcelo’s WebLog : $filter Query Option in ADO.NET Data Services.


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Fantastic tool for comparing directories and then files. For example, when you’ve got multiple copies of a project and you’re not sure which is newest or what the differences between the versions are. Also has configurable and built-in filters to only compare the files you want. (ie ignore the bin folder that Visual Studio generates)

WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle.

via WinMerge.

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