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I suppose that’s why it’s a “beta” but I honestly only expected the .NET beta to break itself, not other applications. Here’s a better worded post than I feel like writing that describes the issue…

I’ve had a problem on my most recent Windows 7 install with getting the WCF activation to install. I kept getting errors which told me that an error occurred and some of the features were not installed and then I was prompted to restart now or later… Well, great as that was, I was sort of hoping to find a solution…

via Installing WCF Activation on Windows 7 with VS 2010.


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Want to programmatically access your Sql Server Reporting Services Server? (SSRS) Turns out there’s an app for that! Or more precisely, a SOAP web service.

The Reporting Services SOAP API provides several Web service endpoints for developing custom reporting solutions. The endpoints currently fall into two categories: management and execution. The management functionality is exposed through the ReportService2005 and ReportService2006 endpoints. The ReportService2005 endpoint is used for managing a report server that is configured in native mode and the ReportService2006 endpoint is used for managing a report server that is configured for SharePoint integrated mode. The execution functionality is exposed through the ReportExecution2005 endpoint and it is used when the report server is configured in native or SharePoint integrated mode. The following topics show how these endpoints can be used for developing reporting solutions in Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, and Web applications.

via Integrating Reporting Services Using SOAP.

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When my ADO.NET Data Services web service started throwing SqlCommand timeout messages I hit up Google and finally found a post in German(?) that pointed me in the right direction. The problem seems to be the Entity Framework Connection CommandTimeout, which can be easily modified overloading the OnStartProcessingRequest event.

When working with the ADO.NET Data Services (aka Astoria) we eventually get to the point that the tasks become more complicated and increases the load on the server. In solchen Situationen ist man mit potentiellen Timeouts in allen Ebenen konfrontiert. In such situations one is confronted with potential time-outs at all levels. In diesem Post zeige ich welche Timeouts es gibt, aber speziell will ich zeigen wie ich das Timeout des Entity Frameworks (SQL) in Kombination mit der MS REST Schicht ADO.NET Data Services anpassen kann. In this post I will show that there is a timeout, but specifically I want to show how the timeout of the Entity Framework (SQL) in combination with the MS REST can adjust layer ADO.NET Data Services.

ADO.NET Data Services, Entity Framework, and SQL / HTTP Timeouts

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