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Look what I just found…

Today I’m pleased to announce we have shipped the RC for Visual Studio 2010 / .NET Framework 4! MSDN subscribers can download the bits immediately from this location. The RC will be made available to the public on Wednesday February 10.

via Jason Zander’s WebLog : Announcing VS2010 / .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate (RC).

The RC’s include a Go Live license which means they can be used in production. On a closely related note, ReSharper has a nightly build available that supports the new RC’s.


Time to make good use of Comcast’s overpriced bandwidth and start the 2.3GB VS2010 Ultimate download!


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I suppose that’s why it’s a “beta” but I honestly only expected the .NET beta to break itself, not other applications. Here’s a better worded post than I feel like writing that describes the issue…

I’ve had a problem on my most recent Windows 7 install with getting the WCF activation to install. I kept getting errors which told me that an error occurred and some of the features were not installed and then I was prompted to restart now or later… Well, great as that was, I was sort of hoping to find a solution…

via Installing WCF Activation on Windows 7 with VS 2010.

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This is a great link I can pass on to the people responsible for maintaining the servers who were worried (hey, I was worried too) about installing a beta version of the .NET framework next to production apps using non-beta versions. (For those of you not already familiar with Scott Guthrie, he’s a a Corporate VP in the Microsoft Developer Division and his blog posts are always great references.)

.NET 4.0 can also be installed “side by side” with previous versions of .NET on the same machine. .NET 4.0 has a new version number for both the framework libraries and CLR engine – which means it runs completely independently from .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. What this means is that you can install .NET 4.0 on a machine that has .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 installed, and configure some applications to run using .NET 4.0 and others to run using the older .NET versions (the IIS admin tool allows you to configure this for ASP.NET applications). This allows you to use .NET 4.0 for new applications – without having to necessarily test and upgrade all your existing ones.

via Multi-Targeting Support (VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series) – ScottGu’s Blog.

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I was just harshly reminded of the dark ages of software development, a time I only hazily recall as involving black-screened terminals that were constantly loosing, leaking, or not releasing something important, when I just tried to use Visual Studio 2010 only to discover that Intellisense wasn’t working. Not getting any further than “Hello Wo…  {what’s that word again?}” I set about resolving the issue. Some quick searches on Google didn’t turn up much so when in doubt… reboot! Or in this case I reset my Visual Studio settings. Intellisense reappeared, and suddenly I had the vast power of Micro-somebody’s .NET at my fingertips. Back to work! (What was I working on again?)

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Curious about the future “proofness” of VisualSVN I fired off an email to support. They were kind enough to get back to me with this…

VisualSVN will officially support Visual Studio 2010 as soon as Visual Studio 2010 will be officially released. We also are going to provide experimental support for the CTP versions of Visual Studio 2010 in the next few months.

We’re going to support Win7 64-bit also.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any additional information.

Olga Dolidze
VisualSVN Support

I couldn’t ask for more, this is perfect. Thanks to Olga and everyone at VisualSVN!

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Somehow I missed the VS 2010 Beta getting released a couple days ago…

It’s the next gen of next-gen applications. Download the Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Team System Betas and see for yourself how they’ve been designed inside and out to give you every advantage in creating groundbreaking applications — faster and easier than ever.

via Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 First Look.

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