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Seems like any direction I turn, if I try to get very clever I hit a wall with ADO.NET Data Services.

It looks like Linq to ADO.Net Data Services doesn’t support expressions/predicate builder (see comments on Cameron MacFarland’s post for details), so this wouldn’t work for this situation – might just have to wait for Linq to ADO.Net Data Services to support that functionality.

via Does LINQ Support Composable “OR Queries”? – Stack Overflow.


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Find yourself just needing the darn data rather wasting time with lazy this and that? Give .Include (or .Expand I believe fora data service query) a try.

If you want to do eager loading with the Entity Framework it is generally really easy, you simply write something like this:

var results = from post in ctx.Posts.Include(“Comments”)
where post.Author.EmailAddress == “alexj@microsoft.com”
select post;

via Meta-Me : Tip 22 – How to make Include really Include.

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