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Scenario: Important meeting! Too much coffee! Bad lighting! In walks the killer! Wait…

No, that’s wrong. In walks Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 with an inability to open an EDMX created with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1, asking if I’d like to open the file in an XML editor. Ack! A previously printed paper diagram (for the meeting) and a bit of time later I resolved the differences between my EDMX and a test EDMX created with Beta 2.

  1. The Schema tag,next item after <edmx:StorageModels>, had the correct xmlns property but was missing entirely the xmlns:store property. Adding xmlns:store=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/12/edm/EntityStoreSchemaGenerator&#8221; was required.
  2. The Schema tag,next item after <edmx:ConceptualModels>, had the correct xmlns property but was missing entirely the xmlns:annotation property. Adding xmlns:annotation=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2009/02/edm/annotation&#8221; was required.
  3. Changing all “store:” prefixed properties of elements within  ConceptualModels to be “annotation:” prefixed.
  4. Swore at Microsoft a little for giving me the “prividledge” of hand-editing a 2400 line xml file.

A save and compile later I could open my diagram and proceed. Hope that helps!


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Just got an email from VisualSVN regarding Visual Studio 2010…


We have released VisualSVN 1.7.4 that provides an experimental support for the current beta of Visual Studio 2010.

The only known issue is that QuickDiff feature is currently unavailable for Visual Studio 2010. We will fix that in the upcoming releases.

Could you please download the latest version of VisualSVN and check that Visual Studio 2010 integration works well for you? Any bug reports and suggestions are welcome!

As usual, you can download VisualSVN here:


Thanks in advance!


Olga Dolidze
VisualSVN Support

And then just out of curiosity I decided to check if my favorite Visual Studio add-on was available for 2010…

ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010 (preview) – is an early build for those who are trying out Visual Studio 2010 and cannot live without ReSharper. It is neither 4.5.1 for VS10, nor 5.0 for VS10. It is intermediate result of our attempts to integrate with Visual Studio 2010 extensibility model, plus preliminary state of some of ReSharper v5 features (you will find some of them enabled). Complete roadmap for ReSharper v5 will be published soon.

Download ReSharper for VS2010 Here…

Oh happy days! This means most of my additions to VS are now available for 2010, which I’m already using! Wait, what’s this…? GhostDoc is now supported in VS2010 too?! *sniff* I just don’t know what more a developer could ask for, it’s like Thanksgiving and the clearance rack all in one…

Happy coding!

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I was just harshly reminded of the dark ages of software development, a time I only hazily recall as involving black-screened terminals that were constantly loosing, leaking, or not releasing something important, when I just tried to use Visual Studio 2010 only to discover that Intellisense wasn’t working. Not getting any further than “Hello Wo…  {what’s that word again?}” I set about resolving the issue. Some quick searches on Google didn’t turn up much so when in doubt… reboot! Or in this case I reset my Visual Studio settings. Intellisense reappeared, and suddenly I had the vast power of Micro-somebody’s .NET at my fingertips. Back to work! (What was I working on again?)

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Somehow I missed the VS 2010 Beta getting released a couple days ago…

It’s the next gen of next-gen applications. Download the Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Team System Betas and see for yourself how they’ve been designed inside and out to give you every advantage in creating groundbreaking applications — faster and easier than ever.

via Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 First Look.

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