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What to do when you’re trying to use Sql Management Studio with domain authentication but you’re not on the domain? (For example, you’re using a VPN from home.) For me, Galid had the answer. (Note: “netonly” is the key!)

In my daily work I need to access several remote SQL Servers (over VPN) and some of them require windows authentication. With SQL Server Authentication is easy – just create VPN connection and use SQL Server Management Studio from local machine entering SQL credentials in the wide-known box below:

via Galin Iliev [Galcho] Blog! – Access Remote SQL Server with SQL Management Studio and Windows Authentication.


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For whatever reason Cisco is unable to develop 64-bit clients for its own products (LAME!) but fortunately NCP has jumped in with a universal VPN client that’s even compatible with Windows 7.

NCP Universal VPN Client.

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