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I’ve been tasked with identifying CMS candidates for our main website and our project sites. The project is ongoing, but here are the slides from a presentation today.

Content Management Systems 2010


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Decent overview of wikis at work, the ways in which they can be used, and an overview of typical concerns before implementing them with rebuttal.

The wiki crops up in many companies’ internal discussions about process improvements and efficient collaboration, but it is often shot down because so few people have exposure to good models of what a really successful business wiki can do. Ars is here to help with a practical introduction based on real-world examples.

In general, wiki’s would be a great addition to work but I worry that the editing environment might not be quite rich enough. Our various Word documents often contain simple diagrams, and the Microsoft-Project style add-on we purchased for Sharepoint also gets a lot of use. Maybe there’s some feature-rich wiki’s available?

via Wikis in the workplace: a practical introduction – Ars Technica.

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